Welcome to the Royal Kings Arms Hotel

A grand old building, originally built in 1625, offering spectacular views of the famous Lancaster Castle. A hotel filled with promise and ambition, not yet knowing the legacy that it would leave upon the city, 396 years later. Since the story of this remarkable building began, it has seen newlyweds dancing their first dance in the beautiful ballroom, world-famous authors acquiring inspiration for bestselling novels and humble travellers resting their heads in the illustrious Dicken’s Suite.

For hundreds of years, The Royal Kings Arms Hotel has welcomed guests from all corners of the world, housing lively events and hosting birthday parties, christenings and celebrations on behalf of the local community. With its close proximity to the train station and a location that allows guests to wander the local shops, markets and bars, it has become a treasured temporary home for visitors, while the cocktail bar, eatery and fascinating function rooms have made it an integral part of Lancaster’s City Centre. The city simply would not be the same without the grand exterior of one of its favourite buildings.

Not Just a Place to Rest One’s Head

There is more than meets the eye behind its grand façade… From the supernatural to the historically accurate, the whispers of tall tales and legends from the century’s past keep staff and guests talking to this day. There is a taste of history and a story to be told down every corridor, up every staircase and through each doorway, while the extraordinary lift is a true glimpse into times gone by. Have you heard about the mysterious legend of the poisoned bride, the story behind the age-old tradition of a small slice of wedding cake served after dinner or the whispers of royalty who walked the hallways?

New Beginnings

As we begin the summer of the second year into a new decade, we are now hundreds of years away from the hotel’s humble beginning, however, for many who are yet to fall in love with The Royal Kings Arms Hotel, this is just the start. As we say goodbye to the many faces of its past and embark on the greatest renovation yet, we say hello to an exciting, luxurious and technologically savvy future. We promise to keep the original charm and history alive while transforming this beloved hotel into a place where you can enjoy A La Carte afternoons, margaritas on a Monday and relaxation in boutique bedrooms.

If this hotel could speak, it would tell a thousand tales, however, as a new chapter begins in the story of this exquisite building, we think it is time to give it a voice of its own. Our latest blog will share the legends, the history and the day-to-day life inside a grade II listed hotel, as it undergoes the renovation of the century.

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