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Our directors have sought to improve the hotel ever since they purchased it a few years ago. Their investment has allowed us to bring the hotel back to where it should be in terms of luxury, comfort and quality. However, it isn't an instant fix and we do realise that we are causing inconvenience to many people, both our guests and our neighbours and the residents of Lancaster. We would like to share with you what we have done and what we are doing in the coming months whilst the scaffolding is up. External 1. Repairs to various sections of our roof including a complete new section at the corner of the hotel which is on King St and Market St 2. The installation of 40 new windows with the second floor now completed with the exception of just 3 rooms. The fourth floor and 70% of the public areas have also been completed and we are due to begin the third floor on 6th June. Upon completion of the window work we will have installed close to 100 new windows 3. The front elevation of the hotel has been steam cleaned to remove years of dirt from deep within our brickwork 4. The old cast iron rainwater pipes and guttering to the front elevation have been replaced with heritage aluminium 5. All other rainwater and guttering to the gable and rear have been repaired or replaced where necessary all with environmentally approved products 6. All ten of our chimneys have been re-pointed and patch repaired where necessary and they have had new cowls installed 7. All the pointing to front elevation has been checked and repaired with work on the gable and rear on-going 8. New render is being applied to a section to the rear of the hotel and the remaining render is being patched repaired and painted. The exciting part of our improvements are the Internal works and these started on the 6th June with an expectation of completion, as per our contract duration, of 5 months. We have shared some of our renovations with you below.